Corn Oil Marketing & Logistics

FEC Solutions started in 2006 as one of the leading marketers of corn oil from ethanol facilities. By being at the forefront of new market development for ethanol co-products, FEC Solutions helps capture value for dry mill ethanol plants throughout the country.

FEC Solutions is continuously developing new markets for corn oil while maintaining relationships that ensure an outlet for every drop of corn oil produced by a contracted ethanol facility. These outlets include animal feed, biodiesel, export, industrial, oleochemical and special-use customers. In addition, FEC Solutions employs one of the nation's top chemical engineers to constantly develop new products utilizing corn oil.

Case Study - Finding a Home

Case Study – Finding a Home

FEC Solutions utilizes one of the most comprehensive relationship networks in the industry to find a home for every drop of corn oil produced by its contracted ethanol facilities. An example is when a Midwest ethanol producer approached FEC Solutions regarding its inability to find a home for all of its corn oil. The facility manager was focusing on only local outlets for the corn oil. FEC Solutions identified the appropriate markets and sold all of the facility's corn oil through its established network of corn oil users, creating one happy team of ethanol producers.

Biodiesel Co-Product Marketing & Logistics

FEC Solutions is one of the leading purchasers of co-product materials from biodiesel operations. With our long standing relationship with one of the nation's largest livestock and poultry fats and oils suppliers we are guaranteed to have a home for your co-product material. FEC Solutions superior logistics includes weekend pickups based on your scheduled needs, rail capabilities and backhaul routes for reduced transporation rates. Please contact us today to find a valuable home for your biodiesel co-products.

Process Improvement

Whether you are an ethanol facility, a fat, oil and grease supplier or a biorefinery, FEC Solutions has the knowledge and skills to help you capture more value for your co-products through process improvement.

FEC Solutions will take the time to understand your current processes and develop a customized approach to improve your value streams.

Case Study – Turning Ethanol into Biorefining

Case Study – Turning Ethanol into Biorefining

With tightening margins within ethanol production, FEC Solutions saw a need to turn the mental model of ethanol production into that of a biorefinery. Working with an ethanol producer, FEC Solutions reviewed their current processes and made recommendations that resulted in custom products developed from co-product streams. It started with identifying and implementing increased process measurements. From there, FEC Solutions determined the constituents of the co-product streams and found the appropriate market for those products where the greatest value could be recognized, both for the user of the co-product as well as for the ethanol facility.

Research & Development

The FEC Solutions team includes Director of R&D Dr. Mohan Dasari, a nationally recognized chemical engineer. The FEC Solutions R&D team, led by Dr. Dasari, is continually identifying and developing new products utilizing corn oil, other fats, oils and greases as well as co-products from other processing facilities. By breaking down the constituents into the molecular level, new products can be created through the unique combination of these molecules.

All FEC Solutions R&D is driven toward providing new value for co-products that also maintain a high level of environmental stewardship. "Waste not, want not" is a driving principle for FEC Solutions. Dr. Dasari epitomized this principle in his work with glycerin from biodiesel production and was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2006 by President George W. Bush.

Case Study – Sharpen the Saw

Case Study – Sharpen the Saw

By breaking down traditional corn oil into its molecules and recombining with other constituents, FEC Solutions' R&D team created a product that can be used as a lubricant for chainsaws and other power equipment. Creation of these types of new products adds value for corn oil producers such as ethanol facilities. Also, while utilizing corn oil instead of traditional petroleum-based products, FEC Solutions has found a way to keep the saw sharp that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.